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Me decidí a crear este ciclo de conferencias, porque veo que los niños y jóvenes, estamos tan absorbidos por las nuevas tecnologías y por la televisión basura, que se está perdiendo el concepto de lo que hasta ahora los adultos han considerado normal, y que en realidad no se debería perder, porque el tiempo que perdamos ahora en cosas banales y sin fundamento, nos va a ser muy difícil recuperarlo en el futuro.

Después de mucho trabajo, he conseguido darle forma para que resultara interesante, tanto a personas de mi generación; adolescentes y jóvenes, pero también a aquellos que luchan diariamente con nosotros, como son nuestros padres y profesores. Y por supuesto, a aquellos responsables políticos que tienen el deber de difundir y apoyar las ideas constructivas y beneficiosas para la comunidad.

A través de mi experiencia, quiero demostrarles, que si quieres algo se puede conseguir, eso sí; con esfuerzo, sacrificio, trabajo, disciplina y mucha paciencia.

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"Dar ejemplo no es la principal manera de influir en los demás; es la única manera" Albert Einstein.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

Why we don't live in Democracy

Nowadays we live completely surrounded by corruption by the part of those that we have chosen in order to represent us, the politicians. So much it is that we've got at the point that we can watch TV news talking about imputations of the main leaders of the gratest political parties, such has happened in my country, and we're able to keep on eating peacefully. 

But what happens if I say that this daily injustice of mediocre, corrupt, reactionary, ignorant politicians, obstructionists, disinterested. . . that we cannot control, remove or set to our liking, it could be avoided living in an REAL Democracy?

The first thing that we have to know in order to be able to go out of this situation is; what is the real democracy and what is the system where we are living now? 
Well, if we study the Athenian democracy, the true one, we realize that we live in a system completely opposed to what we conceive as "democracy"

So let's see both sides of the coin.


The current system, called "form of representative government", is based on this formula: "the citizens place their trust in a few representatives who will govern in their name". - theoretically, of course - If we think it like a kind of huge familly, we see clearly that we are on the botton of the system, while in the top there are those who really take part in the decisions that concern all. 

When there comes the period of major political activity in the news: the elections, we can watch an authentic battle for the crumbs of the table financiated with public money, it really hurts.
And after not being able to vote for the best, so it is necessary to vote to "less bad": what have we left? Different groups of closed minds spending light once a week for nothing. 


If we regard to the Greek democracy, it looks like a dream that comes true. 6000 Assembly members who met once per week and were composed entirely by those who were considered citizens (Man, Free, Major of Age). 

During those long meetings, they used to discuss the troubles of their epoch; who could be condemned to death penalty or tu exile, war or peace drafts, establish taxes, even to intervene in religious questions. They used to be realy open-mind to other's ideas and they didn't need to do election campaign, since they were their own representatives. 

The few public offices that existed were: 500 Judges chosen by drawing, who were in charge of preparing the meeting in Assembly. And also 10 strategists, a short of military leaders chosens, this time yes, by the assembly, who were in charge of making to fulfill the laws the assembly approved and they also had to direct the troops during war with other Polis. 

Now you could think that this charge took the cake, due to its position the battlefield, they usually died with even more frequency than soldiers. 

You can think that, as the Greeks spent the whole day thinking about live without lifting a finger, it could be normal that the assembly was always full and also, nobody was complaining for being chosen at random. However, they also thought about that, creating what nowadays we know as subsistence allowance, which were equivalent to the salary of the craftsmen, peasants or merchants they had before being part of the judges, plus a small increase for their work. 

Other achievements? There was no unemployment. For all the citizens who had not been lucky in their lives, that had lost their employment, their house. . . There was another more productive option before being beg in the street; the military service. Where they could obtaining remuneration for its effort and, after this period, they could it was staying or to look for employment with a major formation and a big prestige.


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